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Lunar Eclipse, May 25 , 04° Sagittarius. Solar Eclipse, Nov Lunar Eclipse, Sept 27 , 04° Aries Lunar Eclipse, Sep 7 , 15° Pisces 01′
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Mercury will sextile a helpful astrological aspect sweet Venus during the February 10 eclipse, which will create a communicative and social atmosphere, so it's likely that you'll have support as you navigate whatever drama pops up! On February 18, Mercury will sextile again, a helpful astrological aspect your ruling planet, Mars, which will be phenomenal for pushing projects forward, having important conversations, and getting the fire burning around whatever issues or goals you're currently passionate about.

Also on February 18, the Sun enters emotional Water sign Pisces.

July Is Eclipse Season. Here's How Your Sign Can Prepare.

Soon after, Mercury will enter Pisces as well, on February This will put you in a quieter mood than you've been in over the last few weeks—you'll feel like you're done with socializing, and you'll be ready to spend some quiet time alone. The second eclipse of the year comes on February the solar eclipse in Pisces. This eclipse is especially nuts, thanks to your ruling planet, Mars, meeting with Uranus, the planet of surprise and chaos, in your sign! What does this mean? You're already very impulsive and independent, little ram, but you'll be even itchier to break free from commitments now, and you'll do it in a way that totally surprises people.

Again, eclipses are exhausting, and because this eclipse in Pisces is activating such a sleepy and psychic sector of your chart, please don't overschedule yourself around this date. Head home early and let yourself sleep in. You desperately need to recharge. You can also expect your psychic abilities to act up—keep a dream journal by your bed.

Eclipses usually reveal shocking or hidden information, and this eclipse in Pisces will be especially potent in terms of unveiling the truth. If something big has been going on behind your back, you'll likely hear about it. An eclipse in Pisces can stir up paranoia, but don't let yourself get swept away by fear of the unknown or conspiracy theories.

2020 Planetary Overview

Find ways to get grounded—whether that's meeting with a counselor or turning your phone off and reading a good book. Ask a trusted friend if they think there is something happening in your life that you've been ignoring or pretending isn't a problem, and take them seriously when they respond. You might not realize how miserable you are with your lover, your job, or your roommates, but perhaps having someone tell you that you complain about it all day will make you wake up!

Let's break down these two energies before we discuss how this combination will affect you: Mars is your ruling planet, so it loves being in your sign—you'll feel especially strong, but possibly more confrontational than usual.

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Mars in Aries doesn't take shit and is ready to fight or flee when shit hits the fan. Jupiter is the planet of luck and expansion, and while it's in harmony-loving Libra, it encourages all of us to be kinder to each other; in your case, specifically, it's shining a strong spotlight on your relationships both romantic and nonromantic and encouraging you to partner with others. Jupiter in Libra will actually be lucky for your relationships this year Jupiter is in Libra until October 10, !

Mars enters Scorpio

But, as you develop partnerships this year, you're also going to have to cut some people out and say some goodbyes. These can get canceled, delayed or, on the contrary, the natives can receive an invitation from a person living abroad that could surprise them pleasantly.

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The Solar Eclipse can bring unexpected news from abroad or form people of different cultures or religions. The natives can expect new events that are likely to happen during vacation — where is the case, with the potential to change their principles, values, and mentalities, and the natives will be determined to give up a series of biases they had until now.

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  • Have a glimpse into with our expert astrologer! When it is Full Moon, everything seems exaggerated, explosive. Moon occultation implies only a type of energy reaching us, the Yang energy, which is masculine. It can be an emotional imbalance or a type of discomfort experienced by most zodiac signs. This is not a good day for starting projects.

    2020 Calendar

    Other parts of South America will be able to see a partial eclipse. July is going to be very intense, with the potential to purify, clean, close some loops, or wounds, o eradicate some unconscious or borrowed patterns, which could be old and very old, ours or our ancestors. The Solar Eclipse in Cancer from July 2 of represents a propitious moment for letting go of the past, but only after we offer ourselves enough time for closure following some less pleasant events.

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    The Lunar Eclipse is a period when you need to work to improve your relationships. If you want to open up your heart or to feed your being, now is the best time. It is a period when you can think of how to love and how to be loved in return.