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Good Scorpios are depicted as Phoenix or Eagle, and bad ones are depicted Everything you need to know about astrology - zodiac signs, planets, houses - in.
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The snake and eagle are related to the nearby constellations of Ophiuchus and Aquila. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Eighth astrological sign in the zodiac. For other uses, see Scorpio. For the constellation, see Scorpius. Scorpio and Sagittarius. The Zodiac. Categories : Western astrological signs Mythological arthropods. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Use mdy dates from December Pages with citations lacking titles Pages with citations having bare URLs Commons category link is on Wikidata.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. I find I'm a mix of all seven signs I don't fit solely fit into one sign or lean towards one more then the other based upon my mood at a given point I might lean more towars just one sign but for the everyday me it's a mix of them all. Can the author please cite the source for this information? You stated it was from a book.

I would very much like to read it. As a scorpio, I think it is important to continually strive to be better than what I was before.

Scorpio Zodiac Symbol

We should strive to grow continually. Woww interesting i've never seen this detail about scopio anywhere ohhh my god i just can't believe it this is very real am in love with scopio man and am gemini i love him a lot and i will try my best to keep him mine forever its very difficult for me but i will manage thankyou for ur sharing its really helped thankyou thankyou thankyou.

I learned this from a book I have. When I get a chance, I will find it and comment with the title and author. I've only ever heard of 3 symbols associated with Scorpio - can I ask your source of there being 7 symbols? This is the only place I've found details of them other than duplicate postings , everywhere else cites the standard three. Scorpios know what it takes to get to Ascension, and they either fear what their capable of, or take advantage of it. I've never read so much info. I'm very inspired by what I've read and seen I'm very proud to be a scorpio So thank you for all the information you have to offer Yes, I am a Scorpio, and very proud.

This was new, to me. I didn't know that there was so many phases. Actually, it is the opposite. We Scorpios consider others a mess, because Scorpios are the only people who can rise back from ashes: D Moreover, most mature Scorpios usually have the Wolf, eagle or phoenix totems, while even the most mature non-Scorpio sign finds it hard to rise to that level. KenDeanAgudo, I have written a little about Capricorn, and plan to write more. Check out my page. Thanks so much for your comment! Now I am proud to have a daughter who is Scorpio.

The information included in the article was entirly new for me. This hub made me learn more about it. A very interesting and useful hub!

I am a Scorpio and this was very good.. Every thing was spot on. First time I have seen myself put into word's so nicely. Most Scorpio's are believed to be a little mean and I never understood that. Now, never ask me what I think if you don't want the truth. I hold those I love very close. I don't do very good with being hurt and those that cross me only do it once.

Firm believer in Karma and the spirit of a all knowing loving God.

The Complete Guide To Scorpio Personality Traits

I was born in the year of Great year. I'm glad you enjoyed the read, and I hope your daughter does too! My daughter is a Scorpio and I'm looking forward to showing this to her. I would say this was spot on! I rise through at least of those sign on a weekly basis lol. I am a Scorpio and I am glad and proud to be born one.

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I rise above the figurative ashes -- from tragedies and adversities. That really makes me a strong and fiercely persevering individual. We Scorpios are the signs who can never be deciphered. I think it is extremely difficult to classify us into a particular group. I think it is an honest attempt to classify them.

I'm sorry you see this article as useless. It is simple, but for a reason. There are so many details to consider when writing about Astrology, and I choose to write simple, easy to read articles instead of a book. Please feel free to read more of my work for additional information. Thank you for your comment. Useless and simple article. I'd like to see people judging one from another from the above criteria. Simple use of the huge topic of scorpionic energies Before reading this hub, I only knew of two Scorpio symbols: Cancer also has two symbols, crab and crayfish, without either being an opposite extreme, just the cagey self-effacing Cancer.

Please understand, I don't believe in astrology for fortune telling. I study it as a science. Personality traits are characterized by the sun sign, moon sign, ascendant or rising sign, and where planets are placed in the sky at the time of your birth. It just helps me to understand people as I find that most of it is accurate when you delve into all the other factors besides just the sun sign.

Free Will Astrology

I kind of see it as a sociology tool. I'm not saying I straight up believe everything about zodiac signs, but I do usually find characteristics about Scorpio describe me pretty well!

October 2018 Venus Retrograde : Scorpion, Phoenix & The Eagle

Thanks for the interesting read. Spider, Scorpion, Lizard, Serpent and Wolf. Got me in 5! Read this to Mrs P. She loved the "not evolved" bit.

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  • This is quite an interesting hub. But this is a new and an interesting take on a Scorpio: Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.

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    To provide a better website experience, exemplore. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. For more information on managing or withdrawing consents and how we handle data, visit our Privacy Policy at: The Eagle or Dove. How to Understand a Scorpio Woman Dare, if you must, to dabble in a challenge to get a Scorpio woman to fall in love with you.

    Aries will probably pick a tattoo that can be displayed prominently on their body.

    This is one extraordinary woman. Read this hub to find out more about him. Thank you for your interest in my writing. Please feel free to leave a comment. If you are a Scorpio, or you know one, which symbol best describes the Scorpio right now? I'm confused sometimes I feel as those I have a little bit of all them in me.

    Majority of them voted for Phoenix Hahaha certainly the most narcissistic sign The Phoenix finally realized it is and moves on. I watched the movie and played the game Tomb Raider. I think Lara Croft is a scorpio. Hi, Thanks so much for your article. But this really describes each stage of my life so far. I have grown up fairly quickly too and have always been more mature for my age.