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In astrology, the twelve zodiac signs are grouped into four elements—fire, earth, air and water. Learn what elements mean in your horoscope.
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David usurped the kingdom from the old king Saul, initiating a dynasty. Aries, the cardinal fire sign, begins the process. Sagittarius, the mutable sign, acted as the mes- senger, the connector, the agent of change from one season to the next—in this case from one dynasty Saul to another David. Leo, the fixed fire sign, then receives the flame from Aries and strives to maintain it. In this case, King Solomon, who symbol- izes the born-a-king sign of Leo, inherited the kingdom from his father and ruled peaceably with his harem of a thousand wives.

After all, a Leo is a Leo. The cardinal signs initiate the seasons: Aries kicks off spring, Cancer births summer, Libra brings autumn, and Capricorn delivers us into winter. These cardinal signs push us forward, urging the best from us. They act as personal trainers who cajole our finest, our healthiest muscles, out into view.

The fixed signs, embedded in the middle of the season, radiate the full force of the seasonal trend. Taurus occurs when spring blooms everywhere; Leo falls under the strongest sun. Scorpio, the sign of death, rules when the leaves fall from the trees, and Aquarius rules when ice and cold fiercely grip the ground. What is the significance of all this?

Four Key Elements in Zodiac Sign Compatibility

Well, the fixed signs tend to take themselves very seriously and demand that we take them seriously too. No wonder the accounts ascribed to these apostles were later compiled into the New Testament and came to be regarded by close to a billion people as the word of God. The fixed signs stand as the pillars that support the zodiac, just as the four creatures support many of the esoteric mysteries of Kabbalah and the four gospels form the basis of Christendom. The mutable signs, meanwhile, foster the transition of one season to the next in the same way that film editors endeavor to avoid jarring jump cuts between scenes.

Gemini bridges spring and summer, Virgo ushers summer into autumn, Sagittarius shoots arrows from autumn to winter, and Pisces thaws winter into spring.

The mutables guarantee our ability to adjust. In Hinduism, these three modalities, or principles, gave birth to the Divine Triad: Brahma, the god of creation and initiation; Vishnu, the sustainer; and Shiva, the destroyer. The Greco-Roman culture mirrored this essential trio in the three god- desses of Fate; the first offers the thread of life, the second measures the thread, and the third cuts it.

The Kabbalistic Tree of Life similarly features three pillars: a pillar on the right that expands, a pillar on the left that constricts, and a central pillar that balances and sustains.

Your Guide to the Four Elements

You can learn much about any astrological sign simply by combining the charac- teristics of its element with those of its modality. This easy formula will help you determine the root power of any particular archetype, which will deepen your understanding of the people around you and the events that seem to occur during particular times of the calendar year.

Aries : You are cardinal fire. Your root power stems from an ability to initiate car- dinal action fire. Your success requires initiation, the pushing and furthering of your goals. You need to liberate fire yourself from any oppression so that you will be able to lead cardinal yourself and others. Taurus : You are fixed earth. Your root power comes from stability earth , patience, and sustaining fixed an effort for long periods of time.

You need to con- nect to your five senses and ground yourself earth and fixed in matters that concern your talents, values, and finances. Gemini : You are mutable air.

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Your root power manifests in the ability to adjust mutable the style of communication air to any fluctuating circumstance. As long as you improvise mutable and wield your intelligence air , you will achieve your aspirations. Cancer : You are cardinal water. Your root power derives from initiating cardinal emotional processes water. You are a giver cardinal of life. To tap your potential, you need to give birth cardinal to situations that will allow you to nurture water people or projects.

Leo : You are fixed fire. Your root power comes from perseverance fixed in action fire. You can become famous and respected in your circles if you main- tain a steady and focused fixed creative force fire with the ultimate goal of benevolence. Virgo : You are mutable earth. Your root power emerges from your ability to edit, fix, and adjust mutable situations so that life around you becomes more efficient and effective earth. This editorial work ultimately ought to be directed toward service to humankind. Libra : You are cardinal air. Your power root lies in initiating cardinal commu- nication air.

This ability grants you mastery over relationships and justice, provided that you initiate cardinal conversations and work on your diplomacy air. Scorpio : You are fixed water. Your power root springs from the ability to remain fixed intensely emotional and intimate water in relationships. You can be success- ful if you allow yourself to expose and be exposed, to heal and be healed, and to dive as deep as you can into the fundamental fixed essence of the emotional water motives of others. Sagittarius : You are mutable fire.

Your root power emerges from your capacity to spread mutable philosophies, moral codes, and belief systems fire , especially when you engage your innate sense of optimism. Fire: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. So imagine my joy when I met Richard Palmer, Tarot and Astrology Extraordinaire, and when he offered to write a guest post on this immense topic. For those who don't know, the 12 zodiac signs are split up into four elements: fire, earth, air, and water.

Earth Signs. You may be finding it unable to get over this person, no matter how hard you try! That's because you're energetically connected. Their common characteristics are generally like the nature of Earth itself, and are shown through their practical, serious and quiet natures. The four elements — Earth, Air, Fire and Water — are basic to this planet. The friendship between the Virgo and Capricorn can be very strong and last for a lifetime because both these signs belong to the Earth element and are interested in security.

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So, they can be best friends and partners. When two water signs are in a relationship, they understand each other on an emotional level and are easily compatible. Earth may at times feel that air is distant and needs more passion. They stand out for their strong temperament; their confidence and enviable self-esteem mean that they do not usually develop insecurities in romantic relationships, and therefore they are not jealous.

There are 12 Zodiac signs in total and each has their own traits.

Zodiac Element Meanings Can Tell You A Lot About Yourself And Your Attractions

Among these 4 groups, Fire is said to be compatible with Air while Water can get along well with Earth. Who signs the song let there be peace on earth in the glade commercial?

Zodiac Astrological Signs for Earth, Air, Fire, Water - The Four Elements

From the above you can see that -- in theory -- sign compatibility is related to Leos love the company of other fire signs Aries and Sagittarius. Water and fire have hard time co-existing and normally are against each other. Mar 1, It just might turn out there's a reason your friends drive you bananas on occasion, She's a hard worker, like all Earth signs, and she can be surprisingly down-to- earth These fire signs have no patience for anything else. Some of the common characteristics of this type are enthusiasm, impulsiveness and a fun-loving nature. In general, Earth signs will have a similar appreciation for the way things are done. Are you doing all you can to be part of this vital change?

It's not as difficult as you may think. Earth signs are apt to have weight issues, developing tumors, and high risk of glandular disorders. The elements of Feng Shui are also the same as in Chinese astrology Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water except the fact that the time cycles are different and that the directions, essential in Feng Shui, do not come into play for couples compatibility. These signs are nothing but animal totems, each identifying with the traits of the people born under them. This is a very steady combination as long as there are enough interests to sustain them.

Astrology Sign Compatibility: Fire and Earth www. And the fire sign can help the earth sign take more chances in life. One an earth Aries Sign Compatibility. In the stylized map of the heavens, the cycle of the 12 animals are grouped into 4 essential elements that make up the whole universe: Fire, Water, Earth, and Fire.

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The inherent competitive nature of Aries makes the relationship spontaneous and challenging. They both have a strong sense of devotion and like to do things with high efficiency. All zodiac signs have their own traits that make all of them distinct. People of the fire element especially Leo and Sagittarius and the air element Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are the most compatible with Aries in marriage.